With over 100000 units installed world-wide, LNS bar feeders are universally recognised for their exceptional bar guiding technique Hydrobar®. In the most varied applications, the LNS bar feeders ensure maximum productivity on all types of fixed or sliding headstock lathes. In addition LNS bar feeders offer record reliability and flexibility and the fastest diameter changeover in the world. A complete product range covers all manufacturing philosophies (short, half and long bars).  In order to develop LNS' leading position, there is a constant search for new technologies and solutions that will allow customers to maximise their productivity.

(LNS Group merged and acquired Fedek Machine Co., Ltd. in 2003)

Your “One-Stop-Shop” for machine-tool peripherals

LNS provides a full range of bar feeders, chip conveyors, coolant management systems and air filtration systems which is second to none on the market. We are known in the industry for the solid expertise we have gained over several decades in an exceptionally wide range of applications, our excellent customer service and our sound technical support. This is ensured by highly qualified technicians who are available at key locations throughout Asia.