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The Swiss Jura region, an important mechanical engineering stronghold and the birthplace of the bar feeding system

While the region is home to a variety of different economic activities, its international reputation undoubtedly stems from the expertise in the field of machine-tools found in the area. This century old sector was developed to respond to the needs of the local watch-making industry.

The precise and high tech nature of the mechanical and watch-making products of the region are recognized over the world and are exported to the four corners of the globe. That is without counting on the array of other burgeoning sectors such as the medical field, aerospace or renewable energy (wind and solar).

From yesterday to today

It is no coincidence that LNS established itself in the Jura Arc region. To be near its customers and their technical knowhow was vital. In December 1972, three friends, Mr. Léchot (L), Mr. Neukomm (N) and Mr. Scemama (S), came together with the intention of developing, assembling and distributing mechanical bar loaders for precision-machining used by watch-makers in the Jura region. This idea became reality when manufacturing activities were launched in Orvin in January 1973.

The watch-making crisis of 1974 affected the activities of the business and pushed it in a new direction with the help of a young and ingenious precision-machining technician named Mr. Philippe Scheurer. In 1975, following the contractual acquisition of Mr. Scheurer’s patents, LNS invented the first hydraulic bar feeder, better known as the Hydrobar®. In practice, this system guides a rotating bar into a bath of oil, covering it in a fine film of oil. This reduces friction, noise and vibration while allowing to increase the spindle speed and, ultimately, makes for more efficient machines.

This invention was such a resounding success that not only did LNS’ business increase significantly, but the name Hydrobar® has become a generic term still used throughout the machinetool industry today.

Following this milestone, the company shifted its focus towards product development, despite economic pressures. Hence, increasingly innovative and smarter products followed throughout the years, to the great benefit of LNS’ clients. Through innovation and acquisitions, the path travelled has led LNS, still privately held today, to an enviable market position worldwide.

Mr. Philippe Scheurer, Mr. Maurice Scemama and Mr. André Léchot at LNS’ 25th anniversary celebration.

Assembly line of bar feeders in the early 1990’s.

The first LNS manufacturing facility based in Orvin, Switzerland. It is now the headquarters of the LNS Group.