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    The installation of the peripheral will impact significantly the performance of the machine-tool package. LNS has understood since the beginning the importance of offering solid support, due to this LNS customers can rely on a strong local service network to professionally install their peripheral. The technician's skills, experience, responsiveness and sometimes intuition can be just as important as the equipment's features, if not more so.
    As soon as a barstock is loaded into the machine it begins to rotate and therefore vibrates. The reduction of this vibration thanks to LNS high performance products and solid support leads to respected tolerance, improved surface quality, accelerated turning, extended tool life and guaranteed reproducibility. In addition the slightest error in alignment or interface of the barfeeder with the lathe can disrupt the whole production process therefore professional installation is absolutely required.

    With over 100,000 barfeeders installed throughout the world, LNS enjoys long experience in the installation of machine-tool peripherals. The LNS service network is specially trained to respond effectively to all demands and requirements.